Social Photography

Trove is a much-loved chain of cafés and a bakery in Manchester, renowned for crafting seasonal and organic brunch and lunch dishes and exceptional, freshly baked sourdough loaves and pastries.

We were tasked with enhancing Trove’s social strategy and content creation whilst boosting follower count and engagement, aiming to sustain and expand their customer base while generating visually compelling content that lived up to their reputation.

Each month, we highlight Trove’s diverse baked offerings, beautiful café aesthetic, delicious range of dishes, and the skilful work of their exceptional bakers, chefs and baristas as they craft fresh loaves, bakes, dishes, and coffees.

As the audience engagement with Trove’s social content increases, we have expanded the stories we tell through their content, spotlighting fresh additions to the menu, new branch openings and showcasing Trove’s dedication to using seasonal, organic and locally sourced ingredients. We also create visually captivating reels featuring the team in action, conducting interviews with the founders and capturing the great selection Trove has to offer.