Manchester stories

In 2020, when we went into that really weird first Coronavirus lockdown, our creative director and founder of Blossom was living in Ancoats, Manchester. It was a time of great uncertainty for businesses and lots of people were really struggling.

With some time on his hands, Christian set up a really simple website called Ancoats Stories, which he used to champion local, independent business owners, to help them connect with the local community.

“People seemed to really love it. I interviewed and photographed business owners and shared their stories through the website and social channels, and that initial passion project has since evolved into Manchester Stories.

The team and I love collecting personal tales from across the city. Our aim is to celebrate and support local people by telling their everyday – and not so everyday – stories.”

Kevin’s ‘Breatheolution’ has built a loyal following. Through breathwork, cold exposure therapy and self-discovery, he helps people across the country to deal with trauma, anxiety and PSTD recovery. We helped Kevin tell his story.

SHOEMAKER, choux maker, poet, sailor, florist, coffee guru, fashion movement, toy maker, brewer, beekeeper, environmentalist, musician, TECH FOUNDER, artist, DJ, ice cream CONSULTANT.


Just some of the stories we‘ve told so far.

We love talking to people from all walks of life whether they’re born and bred in Manchester, or they made their way here from elsewhere. Everybody has a story.

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