RGE Services

Social Design Photography Video

RGE Services maintains the fire and electrical compliance of thousands of homes and public buildings across London and the Southeast. Commissioned by housing associations, local authorities and blue light services, they carry out planned maintenance works, reactive repairs and new installation services that will keep people safe.

We began working with RGE as they embarked on a five-year growth plan. This involved modernising their visual brand, as well as sharing their stories and successes with target clients and potential employees through a new website and social media strategy.

The brand refresh was an evolution of the existing brand identity, with refinements made to the logo, lockup, colourways and icon design. We translated these to workwear, vehicle livery and document templates, as well as marketing literature.

We also shot a new set of vibrant photography and created video content that celebrated the culture and values of the business. Managing their social strategy for the first few months beyond the brand launch, we achieved a growth in engagement that exceeded key competitors and also helped to attract higher numbers of potential recruits.

“The team at Blossom really hit the ground running to provide us with a refreshed brand, new website and brilliant videos that explain who we are so effectively to all audiences.”


Stuart Black, Chairman, RGE Services