Social Photography Video

When Department embarked on the creation of three destination workspaces in Manchester and Leeds, their focus was creating a game changing experience for members, above and beyond simply work. Each iconic destination has a department for work, wellness and social experiences to offer people complete work life balance.

Blossom began working with Department in 2021 to help tell the stories of these incredible communities as they grew. The range of visual content to draw on is enviable, enabling us to capture everything from meeting spaces to leisure facilities, social events to talks, members of the community and the Department team.

As active members of the Department community ourselves, we’re embedded in the life and character of this workspace brand and continue to build relationships with other members. This close connection keeps the fresh ideas coming for high impact campaigns across all social channels.

We’ve been Department’s social strategy and delivery partner since 2021, helping them to attract members to their growing number of iconic workspaces and supporting enegagement with the Department community.